About UpCycled Me - Our story and our mission

UpcycledMe is a clothing brand that is dedicated to raising awareness for a cleaner world. Awareness is generated through our T-shirts where a percentage of all proceeds are donated to charity.

Our vision is to create beautiful, sustainable T-shirts using only organic recycled cotton and eco-friendly dyes. All of our materials are sourced responsibly and that is something that will never change.

We hope to bring more awareness to this cause through our CEO’s creative eye.
Roshni has always been extremely caring and her strong desire to help the vulnerable came from a young age.
This is really where our brand came to life.

Together, her illustrations and compassionate nature has allowed us to create this brand.

With that in mind it’s hard to ignore the alarming figures of how we humans are causing more damage to this Earth than anything else.

“We dump 8 million tonnes of plastic into the sea every year."

Sir David Attenborough


We are responsible for taking the small but necessary steps to a much healthier environment for our animals. For example, when at home take some thought before considering flushing cotton buds down the toilet. These cotton buds are passing into our rivers and seas and over time break down into tiny fragments which marine animals cannot distinguish between plastic or food. This in turn affects not only animals but also humans. Plymouth University discovered plastic had been found in one third of UK caught fish such as Cod, Shellfish, Mackerel and Haddock.

Each of our T-shirts represent the harsh realities animals are facing on a daily basis. Our series of T-shirts will journey you through the blistering Antarctic with our polar bears, into the vast ocean with our sea turtles and back home to the UK in a flash.

“A recent study showed that we throw away 8.5 Million plastic straws each year in the UK, that roughly works out 130 straws per person every year”

A simple change from plastic straws to metal straws could significantly reduce this figure. This report came from www.eunomia.co.uk

Our Promise

Our promise is to donate a percentage of proceeds to charity. Here at Upcycledme, we know how important charity’s work is and see how they make such a significant difference.

We hope we can encourage others to make more eco-friendly choices. Such as refusing to use cosmetics with microbeads, which are tiny spherical plastic used in items such as exfoliators. These tiny particles make their way into the ocean where they are being digested by Sea Turtles and other marine animals and are extremely harmful to them.

We are here to change the way you look at fashion, recycling and also our planet.

If you are like minded please help us spread the word by following us @upcycledme and tagging us on Instagram #upcycledme

If you have any questions at all please contact Roshni or her team who are available anytime to discuss your queries or even advise you how you can start making a difference at home. There are lots of alternatives metal straws, using foil instead of clingfilm, and not using one use plastics